Why you should use Virtual Data Room for Board Communications?

Digital data room offers end-to-end encrypted data rooms for collaboration and the exchange of sensitive documents in board communications. So, what are the main reasons to use the software during board meetings?

How to organize board communication via digital data room?

A virtual data room is a good choice for a medium-sized company if it wants to share data with external parties in an audit-proof manner. For example, customers mainly use specific cloud-based applications to exchange information on mergers and acquisitions or real estate sales. But it is also helpful for organizing efficient board communication and research projects.

The preparation of a board meeting requires a lot of work and time. Traditionally, board processes have required a significant amount of paperwork and resource-intensive efforts to manage. Many board directors still rely on this physical documentation and may not correctly dispose of them. The trend toward digitizing board communications has the potential to eliminate these inefficient and risky approaches.

The data room ensures the complete archiving of your documents from committees and management communication. The software works according to such high-security standards that the content of your management and supervisory board communication is protected against online crime and espionage, both externally and internally. The data room security concept only allows access for those who are allowed to know the content of the documents for management communication.

The data rooms meet essential risk management requirements and standard guidelines for handling confidential documents. So far, they were primarily used to manage supervisory board and executive board communication and in the legal and finance departments, but now also for digital cross-company collaboration.

Reasons to use the data room

The data room software allows you to automate typical processes for working with documents, organize electronic document management, ensure control over the execution of tasks, and regulate management activities. So, there are the following benefits that determine the use of the data room software in the board communication:

  • Location-independent access ensures smooth work

Location-independent access to all data is important for smooth cooperation in the company. Thanks to virtual data rooms, all project members and external partners are always up to date. Furthermore, a simple role and rights system enables the administrator to register new members quickly and assign (temporarily limited) access authorizations precisely.

  • Versioning and collaboration directly in the file share system

Versioning can help prevent data loss. Previous versions of the document can be restored or downloaded separately and compared with the current processing status. For example, if users edit a document online simultaneously via the Office 365 plug-in, no changes are lost, and there is no risk of overwriting. In addition, it enables maximum flexible collaboration across company boundaries.

  • Strong data security

Another requirement of a data room system is a comprehensive security concept. An integrated virus scanner can protect the files from malware. Attention should be paid to DSVGO compliance and that the data is stored in data centers. The continuous creation of snapshots is also important to be able to reset individual files or the entire system in the event of a malware attack. Some tools also offer the possibility to integrate them directly into your IT infrastructure. It is how your security standards are met.