What are the different ways businesses share files?

Transferring files over the Internet is a widespread operation, and protecting transferred files is of paramount importance to many businesses. There are many ways to share files. So, let’s take a closer look at various ways to transfer files securely.

Secure file transfer in the business sphere

In current conditions, to increase management efficiency, it is necessary to improve the work with documents since any management decision is always based on information on a service document. Moreover, during rapid progress, market relations, and a competitive economy, the timely and correct solution to strategic and tactical tasks determines the viability of a company or organization.

Documented information is the basis of management; its effectiveness is largely based on the production and consumption of information. Therefore, the quality of information determines the quality of management. Today to improve management efficiency, it is necessary to pay sufficient attention to organizing collaboration on a document with the help of file-sharing services.

The best ways to share business data

The Internet has made sharing content extremely easy. The point has now been reached where it is already too easy. Companies are looking for solutions that allow you to store and share your sensitive data online without worrying about your privacy. When sharing sensitive content with one of your partners or colleagues, be it an image or a confidential PDF file, you should exercise caution. So, we offer the most popular variant to share files securely:

  • Dropbox

Your first instinct might be to use a free Dropbox account to send your client a public link. First of all, it is assumed that only the person with whom you share the connection has access to the content. However, the link can be shared publicly by your customer or, even worse, get online somehow and be accessed by strangers.

  • FTP server

An alternative option is to use an FTP server that provides data transfer using the FTP Secure protocol. FTPS is an FTP protocol that runs over a secure SSL connection. The ability to use the FTPS protocol is provided in many popular FTP clients, but, unfortunately, it is not implemented in the Microsoft FTP Service.

  • LeitzCloud

You may need to exchange sensitive documents with people outside your department or company for short-term projects. Using the LeitzCloud secure share for these temporary situations is the best way to protect your confidential documents. By creating a guest user, the person, you are sharing content with must sign in before they can access the content. It allows you to track downloads and uploads and set a link expiration date. You’ll always have an overview of what’s happening with your folder and have the option to unshare it at any time.

Virtual data room – a file-sharing solution for your business

In addition to providing a convenient mechanism for exchanging and storing files, a company needs to provide complete control over the movement and deletion of files, including understanding which, when, and to what extent it gets access to specific files. Thus, most companies choose digital data rooms.

Virtual data room supports the secure exchange of data and the easy linking of data in business ecosystems based on standards and collaborative governance models. The software preserves the digital sovereignty of the data owners and, at the same time, forms the basis for intelligent services and innovative business processes.

A private cloud enterprise-based secure data room allows company employees to safely exchange electronic documents of different volumes using various devices, including outside the protected perimeter of the organization.